Why Give Good Jobs:

We believe that communities thrive when every person has access to a good job – one that pays a living wage, provides benefits and a supportive culture, and offers opportunities for employees to advance in their careers.

So far we’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and dozens of local companies that have created hundreds of local jobs. Our companies have created millions in local wages and are poised to grow even more in 2016. But we have more to do. 

With your help we can do it. Just as our two organizations work together, we want you to work with us to Give Good Jobs.

By supporting Give Good Jobs, you take a stand in support of local small businesses that take care of their workers, that allow our communities to prosper, and create a more equitable economy. Every dollar you donate allows ICA and Fund Good Jobs companies to create more good jobs. 

Together we can build a Bay Area where everyone has a good job.


Good Job Creators

How do ICA and Fund Good Jobs Create Good Jobs:

ICA and Fund Good Jobs create good jobs by partnering with entrepreneurs who are committed to being good employers, and who seek to create high-quality jobs for people who have had limited access to economic opportunity. ICA and Fund Good Jobs work in tandem to support business owners as they access investment capital, plan for sustainable growth, build strong leadership teams, and hire and retain folks who have experienced barriers to employment. ICA and Fund Good Jobs serve as critical partners for dedicated entrepreneurs, all working towards a shared goal of creating high-quality jobs for individuals who need them most.

A Pledge of Good.

Take the pledge to Give Good Jobs.

Use the social media icons below to share your good jobs pledge or Use the #GiveGoodJobs hashtag on social media and tell your friends about your pledge. 

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See impact in action in our 2015 report: Agenda for Action

For more information on good job creation visit:

innercityadvisors.org and fundgoodjobs.com

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